2015, The Year of the Rat!

2015, The Year of the Rat!

Well it’s a new year and it seems somebody has decided to turn over a new leaf. It’s finally happened! The rat has crawled out from underneath his hiding place.

It had to happen eventually and over a year after being ‘outed’ by this site, Dale Woods, aka Graham Blackmore, aka The Forex Guy, has actually admitted his true identity.

Whether it was pressure from this site or the fact that way too many people new that he was using a fake identity, who knows. Whatever the reason for his sudden change of heart, it’s good to see that he’s finally putting his name on his site and owning it.

I’m sure the Australian tax man will find it beneficial as he will now be able to claim his pound of flesh. Because Dale Woods is using his real name he will have to pay taxes on his ‘forex educator’ earnings. Something that he was able to avoid for years by using his alias of Graham Blackmore.

No doubt this post will illicit more death threats from Dale Woods and/or his cronies, but I really don’t care. It’s just good to know that he can no longer hide and act like the rat that he is.

Just in case you don’t know what I’m referring, to take a look at this archive grab of his ‘about us’ page from July, 2014. If you scroll down you’ll notice where he refers to himself as Graham Blackmore. Compare that to his current page where he proudly proclaims that he’s really called Dale Woods.


Funny how it only took him 3 years and a dedicated website aimed at informing the public about his fraud, to encourage Mr. Woods to do the right thing. It makes you wonder though if so many other legitimate Forex educators have no issue with revealing their real identities, then why did ‘The Forex Guy’ feel the need to hide his for so long. Weird!

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