Scam: Fraud, Lies, Misdirection and Other Scandalous Activity Scam: Fraud, Lies, Misdirection and Other Scandalous Activity Scam is quite an interesting tale involving fraud, lies, misdirection and other scandalous activity perpetrated by one Dale Woods, aka ‘Graham Blackmore’, aka ‘The Forex Guy’.

Before I start though it’s essential that you remember how the classic scam artist and fraudster operates when cornered.

The ‘art’ of misdirection has been used by magicians, pickpockets and liars for centuries and is the technique most often used still. It is essentially the act of forcing the viewer/reader to focus on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the matter in hand.

They are trying to distract you from the real issue so that they can trick, steal or somehow deceive you.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Erin Brokovich then it’s a perfect example of how they operate. It’s also interesting to note that many of the same techniques that the corrupt drug company uses in the movie are the same as the ones Dale Woods attempts to use to hide his fraud.

The movie won it’s lead actress, Julia Roberts an Oscar in 2000 and was based on a true story. If you haven’t already seen it then you most definitely should.

With that said I need for you to remember these two key points throughout this whole article. Remember that the fraudster will try to introduce lies and misdirection whenever possible so you have to focus on just the two key points.

1. Dale Woods is the actual person who has been hiding behind a completely fake identity for 3 years.

2. Dale Woods, aka ‘Graham Blackmore’, aka ‘The Forex Guy’ is not a professional trader as he claims and only has a live account of $3000.

Those are the only two allegations that were ever made and as you’ll see later, were never responded to in a completely transparent manner.

Smoke and mirrors, misdirection and lies… the weapons used by all the great magicians, pickpockets and fraudsters throughout history.

How Scam Works

These are the facts I learned about Dale Woods, who I originally believed was called ‘Graham Blackmore’, whilst dealing with him personally for two months between March and May of 2014.

Fact #1: The name ‘Graham Blackmore’ is 100% fake and doesn’t exist. Dale Woods is a 29 year old, struggling DJ from Albion Park, NSW, Australia who has been passing himself off as a ‘professional Forex trader’ for over 3 years.

dale woods on far left

He runs the website The Forex Guy ( where he offers to train people to trade the Forex market ‘like he does’. Using his fraudulent persona as a ‘professional Forex trader’, he lures gullible novice traders into his scheme and extorts money from them.

Fact #2: He admitted to me that he only has a trading account of less than $3000 and during the two months that I had dealings with him, he never had a winning trade to my knowledge.

Those are the only two allegations that I made and the only ones I expected answers too. Instead Dale Woods posted a poorly worded ‘response’ on his forum that only his ‘followers’ are allowed to post to. A forum that he controls and is free to remove anything that he doesn’t care to reply to or doesn’t like.

His real facebook page can be found at  and here’s a screenshot of what it looked like at the time of writing this article. scam by Dale Woods

Now remember what I said right at the beginning of this article about misdirection and lies. Read his so-called response to my allegations that he posted and see if you can spot the attempts to misdirect.

The Forex Guy War Room • View topic - Accusations made by Steve Fleming - my response

I’m not going to waste time or allow Dale to succeed with his attempts to misdirect by addressing his numerous lies and manipulation of the truth. That would be playing his game and that’s not what we’re interested in here.

Instead focus on the two key points that I made and notice how he ‘answers’ them.

1. Dale Woods is your real name and ‘Graham Blackmore’ is 100% fake and a fictitious person.

If you read his response you’ll see that he only half answers the allegation.

He claims that ‘Graham’ is his middle name but never addresses the issue of the surname being false. His reasons are obvious and he’s leaving it up to the imagination of the reader to fill in the blanks.

By not mentioning the fact that ‘Blackmore’ is not his surname but rather it’s actually ‘Woods’, he’s inferring that his name is Dale ‘Graham’ Blackmore. A blatant lie and another attempt to deceive.

Because he hasn’t actually said that his name is ‘Blackmore’ he has left the window open to come back and address the issue later if anybody picks up on it. Judging from the response from his ‘followers’ it appears they haven’t noticed just yet.

His whole tone throughout the post is that of a ‘victim’ who has been repeatedly duped and conned by nasty ‘internet marketers’. His claims however don’t stand up to the test of logic.

If, as he claims, some imaginary person told him to use a fake name 3 years ago, why has he not realized the error of his ways sooner. Why did he then allow yet another person – allegedly – to convince him to continue to make the same bad decision 3 years later.

By applying simple logic test to most of the lies and misdirection in his post it’s obvious that he’s not who he claims to be. He’s not a victim but simply a liar who’s been caught and is trying anything he can think of to weasel out of it.

On to the second and final accusation that he needed to address…

2. You, Dale Woods, are not a professional Forex trader and only have a trading account of $3000.

This one is where it gets really amusing and his so-called explanation is fantastical in the extreme.

He’s claiming that he is so ‘smart’ and perceptive that he instantly detected that I – apparently – was ‘only interested in money’ and telling me the real size of his trading account would some how leave him open to me ‘extorting’ money from him.

Well at least he did admit one thing… he’s actually admitting that he is a liar.

Where should I begin with the absolutely ridiculous claim that makes no sense at all?

How would admitting the real size of an account change anything? If he’d had said a figure that were too high, I probably wouldn’t have believed him. When I asked him to tell me ‘honestly’ about his trading account it was so that I could gauge whether I could trust him. I wanted to see if he would tell me the true amount or make up a lie… he told me the truth.

If you read his response about the trading account you’ll see that again he avoids answering the actual question at hand.

“What is the true size of your trading account?”

IF as he claims his account is not really $3000… then what is it? Where’s the proof? If Mr. Woods is so adamant that the figure is untrue then why not show proof?

The reason again is obvious. He doesn’t show proof because he can’t. If he fabricates proof and is later caught then his initial fraud is compounded and he has committed a very serious offence.

Notice how he frames his deception with more lies and misdirection… all classic stuff and really fascinating to watch.

I’ll leave it there for now as this article is already getting way too long but hopefully it’s served it’s purpose. Dale Woods, aka ‘Graham Blackmore’, aka ‘The Forex Guy’ is nothing more than a cheap con-artist and deserves to be held accountable.

On a final note I just want to applaud Mr. Woods for his opening gambit to try to discredit me. Here’s a direct quote from his response to my accusations…

“He is one of those internet marketers that offered to do some work for the site. Long story short he didn’t seem all there…”

Hilarious stuff indeed and it’s an interesting, if flawed attempt, to set the scene. He’s trying to paint me as an ‘evil’ internet marketer who’s ‘not all there’. So in one short and hastily constructed sentence he tries to frame me as a lunatic and a crook with some kind of hidden agenda! Fraud, Lies and Misdirection… need I say more?